Art by Linda Krueger

My mission is to create art that evokes awe (ah-h-h!) in viewers and nurtures their spirit. I create realistic renditions of familiar objects or beings,  often in close-up detail and vivid color.   I also like to capture memories …. memories of places, objects, people, or pets.  I know I’ve hit my objective when viewers make comments like  “I can almost smell its fragrance!” or when they respond with fond memories and emotions.  Those expressions are my real payback.

I use professional art materials to create works that will stand the test of time.  I primarily use graphite and colored pencil on a variety of support materials, making choices that I feel will best evoke that feeling of awe.

I choose subjects that entice me and then challenge myself to portray them in a manner that will elicit that “ah-h-h!” response.  My personal relationship to the subject is important because each art work requires many hours and weeks of work.

I am driven to learn and creating art provides many opportunities to explore new materials, techniques, and subjects.   Each art work I produce is a learning experience for me.

I intentionally do not have an art business.   I create art for family and friends and either gift my work to them or ask them to make a contribution to their favorite charity.   This allows me to focus on the joy of creating art.